I'm in my thirties, I now feel more conscious about my life, and I realize I don't want to postpone what I want for fear of pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I'm so glad I found Elizabeth to take my boudoir photos! She is a delight to work with, and her easy manners and friendliness immediately put me at ease and calmed my nerves. She took time before the session to get to know me a little and to talk with me about why I wanted to do it and what sensuality means for me. During the shoot, she reminded me of it and really drew out some of my emotions, which came across so clearly in the final product. The pictures are gorgeous! I love them so, so much, and I am so glad I did them! - Sarah

I wanted to gift an album to my fiancé on our wedding day. I had spent the previous months working on my body to loose some weight and thought...well, my body is most likely in its best shape ever...So I jumped on it! But I was very nervous about the shoot we were planning because I had never had professional photos taken of me, let alone in my underwear! The best part about working with Elizabeth was the experience she created. She was kind, energetic, wildly creative, and above all she took stunning photographs. I think more than anything I was just surprised that I could like the image of my body as much as I did. I have never seen a picture of myself and thought "oh wow I look great" until this experience. It was wildly empowering and helped me see myself in a totally different way. To be honest, I think my self image was changed forever. - Zachera  

I absolutely loved working with Elizabeth her assistant/makeup artist! I love being in front of the camera, but this was the first time a photographer set out to actually capture me through the lens, instead of a specific image I was portraying. Elizabeth met with me multiple times before the shoot to keep me in the loop of how everything was going to run the day of and to get to know me before we took such intimate photos. I felt so comfortable in front of the camera, even when I was completely naked. I ended up giving the boudoir photos to my boyfriend as a little surprise and I don't think he has ever seen me in such light before. I loved every minute of this experience and will happily do it again! - Taylor

I'm slightly shy and not prone to exhibitionism. I was nervous about being the subject of such a personal shoot, but Elizabeth made me feel right at ease from the first moments. We sat down and talked about what made me feel self-conscious and what I was hoping to get out of the shoot. I was so eager to see the pictures, and once they were ready, what a show! These pictures feel so personal. I recommend you step outside of your comfort zone and do one of these shoots with Elizabeth. You won’t regret the experience and you’ll have some breathtaking images to keep forever - or maybe gift to a loved one! - Tristan

Before I moved to the East Coast, Elizabeth did a shoot for me in Chicago. What resulted was a beautiful, candid, and honest portfolio. Elizabeth's energy, positivity, and relaxed temperament made her the ideal photographer to work with. I've recommended her to all of my friends. - Vivian