Elizabeth Porporato

photography and smiles

Womanly is my way to connect with women on a deep, intimate level. Capturing their essence is breathtaking. Seeing them relax, enjoy and evolve into their true selves, watching their eyes when they see their photos...these are moments that make me happy.

A while back Zachera - Womanly's beautification manager and a super talented photographer herself - created the Womanly experience for me. That's when something really shifted: up to that moment I had always considered and referred to myself as a girl, that day I felt I was a woman. It was amazing; so empowering! It contributed to transform how I see my body, my sensuality, and the relationship with my partner. And it just made me want to do this for other women as much as I can. 

My journey through photography has been experiential and experimental - that doesn't surprise me because it's how I live my life too! I find beauty in almost anything, from the most obviously gorgeous scenes (the ocean, mountains, lakes, people) to the weirdest places (the flow in a busy kitchen or a bar, cracked floor and windows and rusty metal in an abandoned factory, a dark alley between buildings). I love training my eye in composing the scene when I see unconventional beauty. That’s how it all started 7 years ago, shooting with a film camera around the streets of Chicago, then developing and printing in my own kitchen. I then took a few classes at the Chicago Photography Center and met my mentor (Arnie) who taught me so much about developing a visual intent when creating a photograph. At that point I started focusing on people. I created a portrait project called “20 minutes of silence”; for 20 minutes I captured the person in front of me in a limited space, no talking allowed. That experience helped me connect with people in a way that doesn’t require words and forced me to move around the scene looking for the best angles without directing my subjects. I assisted an advertising and product photographer on set, learning the business of photography. More or less at the same time I started following Sue Bryce, a wonderfully talented photographer based in LA, and fell in love with her women portraits and approach: very human and graceful. I found part of me in her and her work. So I attended her class. Along the way I worked for a newborn photography company creating shoots in hospital rooms for 1-day-old babies and their families. During that time a coworker asked me if I could take her boudoir photos because she wanted to create an album for her future husband and give it to him on their wedding day. I took on the challenge, she became one of my best friends, she is now Womanly's beautification manager. And that’s how Womanly was born!



Zachera Wollenberg

beautification and energy

I have always been fascinated with makeup and all things beauty. I fancy myself a painter turned make up artist; I truly do approach every makeup application with the same mindset as beginning an art piece and also with the core belief that individual beauty can be highlighted and celebrated with makeup. I love giving our client the mirror when we finish and seeing their eyes light up with the knowledge that they are truly the most beautiful version of themselves. We don’t get to fully embody that feeling as much as we should, and that’s what Womanly seeks to change. Let’s put on some tunes, sip a beverage and relish the most beautiful version of ourselves - I can’t wait to see you in my chair!



Daniel Lux

development and y chromosome

I work in the service industry and that background is a big part of the reason I'm drawn to Womanly. I love creating heart-warming experiences for my guests and that's exactly what Elizabeth does with each and every one of her clients. Before the first snap of the shutter she's connected, engaged, and completely in tune with each woman’s needs. I assist Elizabeth with business development.