Let the journey begin...

  • The getting to know each other: it's a consultation, free of commitment and cost. A phone call to get to know each other, learn about what you are looking for, and how we can serve you, talk about our process, walk you through our portfolio, and brainstorm ideas for the shoot

  • Making it officialwe send you a summary of services to meet your requests, a quote, a contract and deposit request, and tentative dates

  • You pick a date; we'll be there!

  • Planning all that beauty:

    • Zachera reaches out to you to create your own beautification plan

    • Elizabeth sketches posing, outfit changes, and photo frames; she plans the flow of it for a seamless shoot process

  • You said shopping?!?!: Skype video call with Elizabeth to look at the wardrobe you selected for your shoot

  • We couldn't wait any longer! It's the day of the shoot!

    • It's a celebration! Let's start with the best foot possible...bubbles my dear?

    • Make us jealous, show us your outfits!

    • Time to relax: makeup and hair styling begins...

    • And now, ready to be the star? Time to shoot!

  • The Reveal: We look together at the images Elizabeth selected for your portfolio. You are offered beautiful, matted prints and album options. Every image you select is sent to you digitally too.

  • We want to hear from you!: Daniel reaches out to you to ask for feedback. He's our service guru, you'll love him! This process helps us improve and consolidate our work. We will post a brief review on our website and marketing materials.


Elizabeth's shooting style and equipment

  • Natural light: All my work is shot in natural light, no flash or artificial light is used. I love the beautiful effect that natural light has on our skin and how malleable it is to play with. I also believe that flash and artificial lights interfere with the flow of the shoot by breaking the natural development of conversations and expressions.

  • Camera: I use a mirrorless camera. It's a small camera that doesn't cover my face as you converse with me. It contributes to creating a true connection between you and me. The camera is just an instrument to capture you and render the vision we created together.

  • Editing: the process of enhancing the beauty of one’s body is mostly done during the shoot by controlling shadows and where the light falls, pose coaching, and conversations that bring out your natural expressions and vitality. I edit your images using Adobe Lightroom to continue creating our vision, by enhancing contrast, transforming color images into black and white, and making minor corrections.