It's Wednesday night, 10:27pm...

...and I've read a lot of best strategies on how to start a blog, and all of them would disapprove of me writing my first post now...but I need to get it out, or I'll never start! Elizabeth, get over yourself and write lol

So this post is about getting over myself, because I'm in the way.

I listened to Sue Bryce (wonderful photographer and human being, and such a mentor for me) today and she couldn't be more right. What holds me back from expressing all I want to do, all I want to be (even from writing this first blog post!) is not fear. Fear is an injection of adrenaline that hits you when in danger, it makes you fight or run. There's no danger here. There's no fear. What has kept me stuck - taking small steps, not making too much noise - is "failure thinking", "small thinking", "victim mentality", "the competition has it all figured out" - and sometimes all of these together! 

Starting tonight, I'm done with it! I'll hear those voices in my head and say hi to them and send them back.

I own a wonderful business, I am honored to have a talented and loving team, and I touch women's lives with what I do. I wanna enjoy all of this! It's going well, it's growing. There is no holding back!

Ahhhh this is vulnerable, and I like it!

Lots of cherries (because cheers are not as good!) to all of you, talk with you soon!