Italy! Elizabeth's love, food and wine

Hello everyone!

We're starting today a new post series. We're super excited because it's about our travels! We want you to get to know us, not just through our photos and philosophy, but through our experiences too. All members of the Womanly team LOVE traveling, so here we are - today is my (Elizabeth) turn!

I'm from we say in my home valley, both my ears are Italian ;) I've been living in the U.S. for almost eight years and I get the luxury to visit my family back home (or one of my homes, as I like to say!) twice a year. I came back last week after two weeks of love, food and wine feast! I'm still a little jet legged I guess, it's not really me waking up at 8:30am and jumping out of bed ready to stretch!

My hometown - Pomaretto - is a village, tucked in the Alps of Piemonte. A thousand souls, lots of steep vineyards, mountain views, and curvy roads. Being home love, food and wine!

Cooking small appetizers for our apericene - lots of aperitifs, vermouth, bubbly Prosecco, a Pastic once in a while, and finger food - and sitting for hours enjoying food, drinks and conversations, ahhhhh my favorite!!! Eating my grandma hearty - and often earthy, yes she picks lots of wild herbs and green leafy veggies in her garden and nearby grassy slopes - homemade food, like polenta, mushroom and sausage or bagna cauda (a Piedmontese hot dipping sauce made of anchovies and garlic, enjoyed with lots of raw and cooked veggies), always accompanied by a glass (well...who am I kidding? glasses!) of Barbera or Nebbiolo. A shopping spree with my mom in Torino, where we always end up starting with a nice cappuccino and brioche, then an aperitivo (this time Champagne before noon!), and a tasty lunch at Arcadia, our favorite spot. Then my dad joins us in the afternoon, and we expand to culture - this time we visited the Museo del Risorgimento where the first Italian Congress was housed, simply gorgeous! A few afternoons hiking the vineyards slopes - a unique wine is produced only there, it's called Ramie. Varied trips to the local pizzeria. And many more dinners shared with family and family friends, "watered" by Italian or French wines. My family and I love France, especially the Provence region. My grandma's sister moved there when she was young and built her family there, so we have cousins in Nimes and Marseilles. My family visits them and the surrounding areas and always makes it a point to bring back some of my favorite wines: Gigondas and the light, fruity, herbaceous rose' wines! And a meal never ends without a wonderful dessert, my aunt's strudel, my grandma's pears baked in red wine, pastries from my cousin's local pasticceria...there's something for any taste!

Enjoy the photos and story! And if you decide to visit Piemonte, don't hesitate to ask for tips!