outdoor shoots

Sneak peek: Jenna

Hello everyone!

Today I'm taking you to Santa Monica, CA! That beach is in my top 5 list of favorite places on the planet. I didn't know that a couple of blocks from the ocean there were be such colorful alleys with the perfect sunlight?!?! Shooting on location is always an adventure - I love scouting the area beforehand, looking for interesting corners, quiet streets, fun backgrounds - and Jenna and Sonny (my LA assistant) embraced it fully! Among the occasional car-passing breaks, cold water waves sneaking up on us, and "let's wait for the wind to make your hair fly" moments, we were able to build a folio that captures Jenna's personality and natural, soft beauty. And most importantly, we had a blast! I'm already dreaming of Chicago's summery beach photoshoots!!!

I met Jenna last year while we both worked for the wonderful Boka Restaurant Group in Chicago's West Loop. The occasional chat between a table and another, made me appreciate her unique sense of humor and laughter. A few drinks after work, made me get to know her better - her love for acting, how easily she gets absorbed into books, and we sealed our connection as we shared our life doubts, desires, and thoughts, and of course, love stories. I'm so honored I had the chance to photograph her in this new phase of her life: her recent move to her Cali-homeland, going to grad school in a few months, and new life realizations.

Here's a glimpse of her folio...

Happy weekend and lots of cherries to you!

-Elizabeth Porporato