Let's dream together...some styling ideas

Hello beautiful souls!

My blog is back!!! The last month and a half was overwhelmingly filled with events, and perhaps the most important one was opening the Womanly studio. It took lots of energy and love and so many other things went to the back burner...including writing on my blog...uuuupsie! This week was so regenerative for me and I decided to celebrate it with a new post!

I have dreams of being photographed too, and this is a quick video where I dance it off on the runway...I tried on some of my favorite pieces of clothing and had a blast - it's a mix of me time, silly time, dancing it off time - and now I'm dreaming of a self-portrait shoot!

I hope you'll have fun watching it and that it'll inspire you to take some time and dance it off on the runway too ;)

PS: remember that blog post of mine where I talked about preparing for your shoot? This video ties back to that post and gives you some ideas for a varied wardrobe - different necklines, dresses and pants, lengths of skirts, colors and patterns, etc. :)



Happy Friday and lots of cherries to you!