My Womanly Experience with Elizabeth Porporato

Hi all! Below is a recent client experience. Katrina shared it with me soon after she saw her photos. I couldn't be happier to hear how transformative this experience was for her! 

Have a wonderful weekend! Lots of cherries to you!


I knew I wanted to do a boudoir shoot before I had even met my now, husband. There was something extremely personal, sexy, yet classy about the idea. I thought it would make an unforgettable gift to give him on the day of my wedding. However, I unexpectedly got so much more than sultry pictures from my experience with Elizabeth Porporato of Womanly.

After my initial conversations and Skype calls with Elizabeth, I knew I would feel comfortable with her being my photographer for my session. She customized everything about my shoot based on what I wanted to achieve and helped guide me with my outfit selections. Elizabeth has an ease about her that made me feel so confident and excited about my boudoir shoot, and I knew I had made the right decision having her behind the camera. On the day of, I arrived and met Zachera who immediately started my hair and makeup. Elizabeth poured the Prosecco and showed me her sketches of various poses with my lingerie selections. It was a fun, organized and seamless process from beginning to end (oh, and the Prosecco definitely helped me get semi-nude in front of a stranger, ha!).

I could go on and on about the laughs we had, the immediate connection, and general feeling like I was just having a girl's day with friends.

But what is most important, was what I didn’t expect I would take away from my experience with Womanly. When Elizabeth first shared my photos with me, I was blown away. Speechless. I couldn’t believe it was me. The way Elizabeth shoots highlights my favorite features about myself. After looking at the images about a hundred times…I had a moment. It was then that I realized how critical I am of myself and that I truly am beautiful beyond my imperfections. The experience restored a sense of confidence in myself that I didn’t realize had deteriorated. The pictures reiterated to me what my husband sees in me, and what he loves about me. The whole day with Elizabeth and Zachera I would do over and over again just because of how wonderful it made me feel, inside and out.

And THAT feeling is something you can not put a price tag on. 

- Katrina English