Sneak peek: Kaelyn

We had the honor of getting to know Kaelyn a couple of months ago. She's a reserved and confident young woman. We had the feeling that throughout the photoshoot she explored her sense of self and evolved in her maturity. She relaxed in front of the camera, in a quiet, powerful way. It was a beautiful evolution to witness. The result is a folio of soft, sensual images that portrait her, at this time in her life.

She had planned her boudoir shoot as a gift for her fiance' on their wedding day, later this summer. And when she came in, surprised us with "we eloped! I'm married already!". Her wedding celebration is still planned for a few months down the road, and her now husband will receive a precious wedding gift. Here's a sneak peek of what he'll see...

Happy weekend! Lots of cherries to you,

- Elizabeth