How do you dream of being photographed?

A shoot with us is a celebration of who you are and how you want to see yourself! Let us help you prepare for it so that you can fully enjoy the experience. We firmly believe in being excited for it - before, during, and after! And no worries...if you're nervous you're doing it right ;)

Let's start from the beginning - how have you always dreamed of being photographed? Do you see yourself in a big and fluffy, princess-like gown? In a elegant bodycon dress? Is jeans and t-shirt your favorite style? Do you love the roaring 20s and want the style of Daisy Buchanan for a day? How about those chic black&white Grace Kelly's portraits with bold, dark lips? We love 70s high-waisted pants with a tucked in shirt, don't you? Maybe an uncomplicated, fresh, summer, boho look? Do you have lots of tattoos and want to showcase them? You love lingerie and can't wait to look at those sexy photos of yours? Did you book your shoot as a boudoir folio gift for your fiance'? Don't forget to bring your wedding gown with you! Do you prefer a romantic, glamours, natural, pin-up, casual, nude, lots of accessories, vibrant, artsy style? Have you been dreaming of revamping those professional profile photos of yours? Is your health and fitness love that you want to highlight? During our videocall or coffee date we go over all of this, and figure out exactly what you desire.

If you booked a portrait shoot with us we recommend to bring 5-6 outfits. And we do start all our boudoir shoots with a few portraits, so we ask you to bring 2 fully-clothed outfits. When it comes to clothing, variety means fun! So ask us and your friends for suggestions, make it a day out and go shopping, borrow something from your friend/sister/mom/daughter! Let's mix it up: different colors, cuts, necklines, patterns, smooth silk vs lace lingerie... 

And now to shoes! If you're like me...let's say that loving them is an understatement! We have lots of ideas on how to showcase your favorite accessories. We often shoot our clients barefoot too, it's comfortable and it looks really natural and beautiful! So don't forget to get a mani&pedi ;)

And since we're talking about accessories, let's discuss jewelries, scarves, hats, headbands...if you love them, why not having a photo or two with them? They often have a memory attached and they are great to make any outfit instantly vibrant. For every shoot, we have flowers - they look so gorgeous in beauty shots!

We included here a few photos from our portfolio as inspiration starting points, check them out and let your creativity free!

PS: we haven't forgotten about makeup and hair! Zachera's working hard to put together her top tips - stay tuned for our next blog post!

Have a great weekend!

Lots of cherries to you -Elizabeth