To nipple or not to n*****?

Why did I decide to show a few "free nipple" photographs in my portfolio? I was asked. Very good question! I say :)

Drawing the line on what to show (or shoot for that matter) is something I periodically reflect upon. For me it's a matter of following what I believe in. 

I serve and photograph women. All women. And I want it to be that way. I want every woman to look at my portfolio and find herself in at least one image, be inspired by at least one woman. You may be more shy and attracted by images where women are fully clothed, you may be bolder and find yourself in the free nipple photographs. All is sexy, all is beautiful, all is permitted, all is veiled, all is uncovered, all is unique and personal. This is my philosophy, and this is Womanly.

Happy Friday, lots of cherries to you!

- Elizabeth